la bandera, 2021
wood, leather scraps burnt and shaped with fire, worn/used chest binder, bent nails, resin

landscape, 2021
oil, acrylic, spray paint, bent nails, canvas

madre, 2021
chickenwire, plaster wrap, acrylic, fake flowers, clay eggs, resin

the way back home, 2021
oil, acrylic, spray paint, pastel on canvas

bound, 2020
reclaimed wood, red velour dress from the artist's childhood, spray paint, steel grating, resin

self-portraiture, 2020
image transfers, RC print (circa 2012), leather, rivets, O-rings, bent nails formed into chain, spray paint, chainlink fencing, the artist's first chest binder, pencil, resin, canvas, wooden panel

untitled, 2020
used/worn chest binding tape, toilet paper, the artist's hair, bent nails, resin, wooden panel

herida abierta, 2021
dirt, corn, spray paint, wooden frame, resin

“1,950 mile-long open wound
dividing a pueblo, a culture
running down the length of my body,
staking fence rods in my flesh,
splits me splits me
me raja me raja
This is my home
this thin edge of barbwire.
But the skin of the earth is seamless.”
- Gloria Anzaldúa, Borderlands/La Frontera

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