left: artwork by Martin Wannam
right: artwork by Acaymo S. Cuesta

left: ¡LIBERTAD! Para Todos
middle: photographs by Martin Wannam
floor: Sin Agua, Todavía Floreces

detail of Sin Agua, Todavía Floreces

Sin Agua, Todavía Floreces

¡LIBERTAD! Para Todos

An Extension of The Body

Consider What You Might Say to Explain Your Situation

left, middle: artwork by Martin Wannam

Critical* Reflections, Embodiments, and Disruptions is an exhibition of work by Martin Wannam, Acaymo S. Cuesta, and Kieran Myles-Andrés Tverbakk curated by Brittany Hamm and Justin Korver at Clamp Light Gallery in San Antonio, TX.

Photographic documentation taken by Kallie Cheves.

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