wish i were here

I wish I were

in no particular order

in another state

Texas, Guerrero,

or otherwise, Wellness

Somewhere my muscles can expand

up, against

the air pressuring them to stay inside

Another cycle of growing pains

in yearning for a Sun

wish i were here series, 05/2020 - ongoing
4" x 6"

Upcoming + Ongoing

August 14th - September 5th, Critical* Reflection, Embodiment, and Disruption with Acaymo S. Cuesta and Martin Wannam at Clamp Light Gallery, San Antonio TX
Opening October 2020, Home As Situation group exhibition at Bolivar Art Gallery, Lexington KY

Opening October 2021, Two Person Exhibition with Nancy Julia Hicks at Regis Center for Art, Minneapolis MN

2020 Artist Initiative Grant Recipient, Minnesota State Arts Board

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